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Ensure the safety and secure handling of your valuable packages with Viosimos United's Fragile Labelled Adhesive Tapes. Our high-quality adhesive tapes are specially designed to provide a visible and effective warning, helping to prevent mishandling and damage during shipping and handling.


Key Features:

  • Fragile Warning Labels: Each roll of adhesive parcel tape comes with clear and bold "Fragile" labels, prominently displayed to alert handlers to the delicate nature of the enclosed items. This extra layer of caution reduces the risk of accidental damage during transit.

  • Strong Adhesive Bond: Viosimos United's adhesive tapes offer a strong and reliable bond to ensure that your packages stay securely sealed. The adhesive is designed to withstand various shipping conditions, providing peace of mind that your items will arrive at their destination intact.

  • High Visibility: The vibrant and attention-grabbing design of the Fragile labels ensures that your packages stand out in any shipping or storage environment. This increased visibility helps promote careful handling throughout the supply chain.

  • Easy Application: The tapes are easy to handle and apply, making the packaging process efficient and hassle-free. The backing peels away smoothly, and the tape adheres firmly to cardboard, corrugated boxes, and other packaging materials.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for businesses, movers, or anyone sending fragile items, these adhesive tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications. From delicate glassware to sensitive electronics, our Fragile Labelled Adhesive Tapes offer a versatile solution for protecting your shipments.


Environmental Commitment: Viosimos United is dedicated to sustainable practices. Our Fragile Labelled Adhesive Tapes are made with environmentally friendly materials, and the packaging is designed with minimal waste in mind.

Choose Viosimos United's Fragile Labelled Adhesive Tapes to add an extra layer of protection to your shipments while promoting responsible packaging practices.

Adhesive Parcel Tapes (Fragile Labelled) Pack of 72

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