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Elevate your beverage service while staying committed to sustainability with our Disposable Plastic rPET Pint to Brim Tumblers Glasses by Viosimos United. Crafted with care and precision, these eco-conscious tumblers are designed to meet your needs for convenience, durability, and environmental responsibility.


Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Construction: Each tumbler is meticulously crafted from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), a material derived from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, ensuring sturdy construction and durability.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Embrace sustainability without compromising on functionality. These tumblers offer a green alternative to traditional plastic, reducing environmental impact without sacrificing performance.

  • CE Marked for Compliance: Certified with the CE marking, our tumblers meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and hygiene, making them suitable for use in a variety of settings including bars, restaurants, parties, and events.

  • Generous Capacity: With a spacious 20oz capacity, these pint tumblers are perfect for serving a wide range of beverages, from refreshing sodas and cocktails to beer and iced beverages, allowing your guests to enjoy their drinks without frequent refills.

  • Convenient Disposable Design: Designed for hassle-free cleanup, these disposable tumblers offer the convenience of single-use items without the guilt of contributing to plastic waste. Simply dispose of them responsibly after use for quick and easy cleanup.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you're hosting a casual gathering, catering an event, or managing a busy bar, these versatile tumblers are a practical choice for serving drinks efficiently while reducing the need for washing and maintenance.

  • Sleek and Transparent: The crystal-clear design of these tumblers enhances the visual appeal of your beverages, allowing their vibrant colours and enticing presentations to shine through, enticing your guests' senses from the moment they're served.


Make a sustainable choice without compromising on quality or performance. Upgrade your beverage service with our Disposable Plastic rPET Pint Tumblers Glasses by Viosimos United and make a positive impact on the environment, one drink at a time. Order your tumblers today!

Eco-Friendly Disposable Plastic rPET Pint Tumblers Glasses CE Marked (20oz)

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