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Introducing the ultimate solution for all your food storage needs – our BPA Free Clear Plastic Round Microwave Containers with Lids | Sauce Pot by Viosimos United. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, these containers are your perfect companion for storing, reheating, and preserving your culinary creations.



BPA-Free Construction: Our containers are crafted from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, ensuring that your food remains safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Crystal Clear Design: The transparent design allows you to easily identify the contents without having to open each container, making organization a breeze.

Microwave Safe: Designed for convenience, these containers are microwave-safe, allowing you to easily reheat your meals without the hassle of transferring them to another dish.

Secure Lid Closure: Each container comes with a tight-fitting lid that seals in freshness and prevents leaks or spills, making them ideal for transporting meals or snacks on the go.

Versatile Usage: Whether you're meal prepping for the week ahead, storing leftovers, or packing lunches for school or work, these containers are perfect for a variety of purposes.

Pack of 250: With our generous pack of 250 containers, you'll never have to worry about running out of storage options again. Perfect for large families, catering businesses, or commercial kitchens.



  • Efficient Organization: Keep your fridge, freezer, or pantry neatly organized with these stackable containers, maximizing storage space and minimizing clutter.

  • Food Preservation: Extend the shelf life of your food by storing it in these airtight containers, helping to maintain freshness and flavour for longer periods.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Reusable and durable, our containers are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags or single-use containers, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Why Choose Viosimos United?

At Viosimos United, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products that enhance their daily lives. Our BPA Free Clear Plastic Round Microwave Containers with Lids are backed by our dedication to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. Experience the convenience and reliability of our products today!


Upgrade your food storage game with our BPA Free Clear Plastic Round Microwave Containers with Lids – order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your food is stored safely and securely!

Premium Quality BPA Free Plastic Round Microwave Containers with Lids (12oz)

SKU : 1700656762466
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Color: Clear
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